Commercial Landscaping

Commercial Landscaping, Irrigation and Maintenance

Commercial Landscaping by Landcare GroupFor over two decades, many of Northeast and Central Florida’s most distinguished amenity centers, office parks, residential developers and other large scale properties have trusted the knowledge and experience of Landcare Group. As a premier commercial landscaping contractor, we have built a reputation as the go to company for dependable irrigation systems, beautiful commercial landscapes, and carefully managed fertilization and pest control programs to keep the landscapes we maintain looking their best.

Our fully equipped service facilities in Ocala and Ponte Vedra, Florida allow our irrigation and landscape installation personnel to effectively create beautiful landscapes that often span 100’s of acres. These facilities also house the fertilizers, pest control agents and equipment that our pest control and fertilization technicians use to assure that the properties we maintain stay healthy, weed free and pest free.

Commercial Landscaping Services

As a “Full Service” commercial landscaping contractor, Landcare Group provides professional services in each key area of assuring that your landscapes are professionally installed exactly as they were planned and designed. Our landscape installations are followed by detailed maintenance programs that assure a beautiful appearance for years to come. Explore each of our commercial landscaping services below to learn more about why so many companies chose Landcare Group.


Commercial Landscaping Irrigation by Landcare Group

Given the hot climate of Florida, proper irrigation is critical to maintaining naturally beautiful green spaces and landscaping. For this reason, we take great care to install every aspect of the irrigation system exactly as it was designed. As a part of the installation, we assure that every aspect of the system is configured and adjusted to properly irrigate each respective area of your landscape as efficiently as possible.


Commercial Landscaping by Landcare Group

Large and spanning commercial properties that are landscaped to bring a sense of calming beauty upon entering the grounds are no accident. Large palm trees, foliage and flowers must all be carefully placed to professionally frame and highlight the focal points of the property. This level of commercial landscaping is what we at Landcare Group have built our reputation on.


Commercial Landscaping Maintenance by Landcare Group

Professional commercial landscaping maintenance involves a number of responsibilities including proper fertilization, weed and pest control, properly functioning irrigation, and of course regular trimming, mowing and seasonal updates. Enjoy the confidence of knowing that your property’s irrigation systems are functioning efficiently, your landscaping is healthy and pest free, and your property will always look its absolute best.