Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Specializing in Commercial Landscaping Maintenance for Master-Planned Communities and Large Commercial Properties

Commercial Landscaping Maintenance and Pest Control by Landcare GroupLandcare Group is truly a total solution when it comes to commercial landscape maintenance. When you chose Landcare Group to care for your commercial landscaping, we begin a customized series of services that are instrumental in keeping your investment healthy, manicured and beautiful.

There are a number of considerations and different services that make up an effective commercial landscape maintenance program. And our property managers know them well. We closely manage the performance of each of our services and give much consideration to factors such as rainfall, seasonal pests and weeds, conditions for fertilization and more, as we manage and maintain your property. Conditions and threats change regularly and we are very experienced in adjusting our services to mitigate them. Our key commercial landscape maintenance services include:

  • Fertilization, Pest and Weed Control
  • Lawn and landscape maintenance
  • Irrigation System Maintenance

Learn more below about why each of these commercial landscape maintenance services are important to assuring that your landscapes, lawns and trees remain beautiful and healthy year round.

Irrigation Maintenance and Management

Commercial Irrigation System Maintenance by Landcare GroupHere in Florida, a properly functioning irrigation system is absolutely essential to keeping your landscaping healthy and beautiful. The hot summer sun and dry periods can wreak havoc on lawns and landscaping. In the course of our landscape management services, sprinkler heads and zones are tested regularly to assure proper coverage and efficiency. And if any of the system’s components are broken or malfunctioning, they are repaired or replaced.

In managing your property’s irrigation requirements, our property managers make necessary adjustments to irrigation schedules by adjusting the system’s timers. Newly installed landscaping and grass, or particularly dry periods may require expanded irrigation schedules. While areas that have become shaded due to maturing trees or the season might require a reduction to avoid over irrigation that can cause fungus and rot.

Pest Control, Fertilization and Weed Control

Jacksonville Commercial Landscape Maintenance by Landcare GroupAnyone who has ever cared for lawns and landscaping in Florida knows how relentless lawn and plant pests can be. A pest infestation can destroy large areas of grass in as little as a few days. And other plant destroying pests can quickly ruin thousands of dollars in landscaping. At Landcare Group, we take pest control very seriously with strict scheduled spraying to control all the pests that can damage lawns and landscaping. We even provide flea control for large residential communities.

Another important aspect in commercial landscape maintenance is fertilization. Soil quality in Florida is not always conducive to fostering the growth and health of grass and landscaping. In order to keep your lawns and landscaping looking their best, it is necessary to regularly fertilize and feed your lawns and the many plants and trees that make up your landscapes. And our property managers and fertilization crews have the knowledge and the proper equipment to assure that your lawns and landscapes receive the right fertilization at the right times.

Weeds on the other hand seem to thrive in our warm tropical environment. Unsightly weeds not only detract from the beauty of lawns and bedding, they contribute to allergy issues for area residents and can be uncomfortable to come in contact with. To prevent weeds from even getting started, our spray crews apply weed control with fertilization. combining fertilization with weed control allows us to efficiently address both concerns.

Landscape and Lawn Maintenance

Commercial Landscape Maintenance in Ocala by Landcare GroupBeautifully manicured lawns, regular trimming and pruning of landscaping plants and trees, and seasonal updates to ornamental flowers are the cornerstones of commercial landscape maintenance. Landcare Group has made it our mission to staff and properly equip numerous crews to assure that we easily have the staff to effectively attend to the landscaping maintenance needs of our client’s properties. This gives our clients the piece of mind in knowing that their properties and communities are receiving regular attention and will always be kept in pristine condition.

Specialized crews with the proper equipment set out daily to provide the following services for commercial properties and communities all over Northeast and Central Florida:

  • Lawn mowing, trimming and edging
  • Tree Pruning and Trimming
  • Hedge and Shrub trimming and bedding
  • Seasonal Updates to Ornamental plants and flowers

Commercial Lawn Maintenance by Landcare Group

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