Commercial Landscaping Installation

Specializing in Commercial Landscaping Installation and Maintenance for Master-Planned Communities and Large Commercial Properties

Commercial Landscaping JacksonvilleLandcare Group is a premier commercial landscaping installation company in Northeast and Central Florida. We have been selected for some of the area’s most awarded master-planned communities and commercial projects because of our ability to stay on budget and on time with commercial landscaping installation, and our ongoing ability to maintain a large number of stunning commercial and community landscapes. Our extensive experience in commercial landscaping installation for large-scale properties makes us the perfect company to not only install vast landscapes, but to assure their lasting beauty with our extensive commercial landscape maintenance programs.

Be sure to consider Landcare Group for your large-scale commercial landscaping requirements. You’ll find our entire team to be very professional and very interested in helping your commercial property or community to become and stay beautiful.

Commercial Landscaping Installation

Commercial Landscape Installation by Landcare GroupMost large-scale commercial landscaping projects require months of planning and design. Once the project plans are completed and we receive the plans that we will use to install all of the trees, shrubbery, plants, flowers and sodded areas, our work begins.

In addition to installing all the landscaping for a given project, we are often also contracted to install the commercial irrigation systems. This scenario is best as it allows for clear communications between our landscape installation crews and our irrigation installation crews. Coordination between these two crews is important because both installations are typically happening at the same time but at different areas of the project. Irrigation systems are installed before landscaping to avoid disturbing newly planted landscapes and to allow for immediate irrigation after the landscaping is installed. Landscaping then follows the newly installed irrigation systems.

Commercial landscape Installation begins with the sourcing of healthy trees, shrubs and a variety of ornamental plants and flowers. We source trees and plants from local nurseries and tree farms when possible, but if healthy “#1” to “Florida Fancy” trees and plants are not available locally they are sourced from other locations. To reduce stress and help the newly planted landscaping to take hold as quickly as possible, we carefully coordinate installation of all landscaping to take place quickly after trees and other plants arrive on site. Upon arrival, plants and trees are inspected as they are unloaded to assure that all trees and plants are healthy and meet plan specifications.

Large-scale commercial landscape projects must also follow local codes pertaining to the installation of certain trees, ornamental plants and shrubs. Our installation crews are familiar with the tree and foliage codes and requirements of each of the counties we work in and are careful to follow them throughout the installation process.

After all trees and plants have been installed, as per the project plans, our crews begin the next step of bedding installation. Cypress mulch, pine bark or pine straw tend to be the bedding of choice in Florida. Bedding helps to hold moisture on the newly installed plants and adds a finished appearance.

The last step in commercial landscaping installation is laying the sod. Sod installation takes place after all other construction, underground utility work, irrigation installation and, of course, the installation of all trees and plants. Grass is the final dressing of the property that transforms vast areas of bare earth to beautiful green spaces.

Landscaping Installation in Jacksonville by Landcare Group

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